It’s a common misconception that if you’re exercising every day and sweating hard during your workouts, you can eat whatever you want…unfortunately that’s not the case.

The truth: you can easily out-eat your exercising, which is why it’s essential to both work out AND eat right for successful weight loss (and overall good health!)

Weight loss is about calories in vs. calories out, which means you need to be aiming for a caloric deficit in order to drop weight. So, if you’re working out for an hour and a half but then go home and eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s…it’s a complete wash.

The bottom line? Don’t out-eat your exercise program! It will not only NOT help you reach your goals, but will be a true waste of time. Don’t counteract your awesome workouts with bad eating habits. The key to weight loss is eating whole, nutrient-dense foods (and yes a treat every now and then…) and exercising on a regular basis. Stay consistent and don’t overthink it!


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