Courtney Opalenik — Overall Bikini Winner and Bikini Pro. Marlene Ouellette Atkin — Figure Masters Winner and 3rd Place Bikini Masters. Lara Maher — Bikini Masters Winner and 2nd Place Figure Masters. Ellen Moriarty — 3rd Place Bikini Medium. Alyson Webster — 5th Place Bikini Medium. Ashley Vitale — 4th Place Bikini Tall.

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When I looked at my photos side by side, I could not believe the huge difference in me physically. I had tried for years to lose weight by just working out or using fad diets, but did not realize just how important the way you work out and the foods you eat were. Joining Body…

I have always been an athlete, it’s in my blood. I have learned that incorporating physical fitness into my everyday lifestyle is very important and I can thank my parents for that. I have honestly done it all. In high school I played basketball and ran track, and then in college I was on the…

I am 25 and have always been into athletics. I ran a lot but never did much with weight training. The top left was before I started with Janelle. I was running 5 days a week and eating what I wanted.

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