1. You’re always sore

A bit of soreness after a tough workout is normal, but if you’re exercising regularly, you shouldn’t be constantly feeling sore. Depending on the muscle group you’ve just worked, you should give your muscles 24 to 48 hours to recover between training sessions. Repeatedly overtraining a muscle to the point of soreness leaves little to no room for recovery!





  1. You constantly feel stiff

If one too many days of hitting it hard leaves you struggling to pick up something you dropped off the ground, it might be time to take it easy. If your body lacks the proper mobility, you create dysfunction in your movement pattern. Be sure to give your foam roller some TLC along with stretching on your recovery days to keep your body limber and prevent injury!

  1. Your performance is poor

If you’re feeling sluggish, tired, and not giving it all in your workouts – it may be a sign you need some time to recover. Not giving your body the proper amount of rest it needs inbetween workouts will not only sink your workout motivation, but leads to half-assed sets, less than stellar reps and an overall weak performance in your lifts!


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