We all know the feeling of getting hit with a setback that
throws us off course from our goals. When it comes to fitness, sometimes life gets in the way and we lose our initial motivation. You’re not alone! These three strategies will help you get back on track when you want to give up.

The pursuit of fitness goals should come from a place of self-love. If you spend all of your time feeling guilty for slip-ups, you’re wasting your energy. When you veer off track, remember to re-establish your goals and come up with a plan of action to get you there. Every day is a new opportunity to start fresh, be KIND to yourself and take it one day at a time!



The key to keeping a consistent workout routine is doing workouts you ENJOY. Hate running? Find something you love instead that will keep you sweating! There are so many ways to variety to your workout plan. For example, switch up your cardio routine from steady-state elliptical sessions to HIIT circuits and hill sprints. Try a new recipe or two to spice up your meals as well. Remember that you are more likely to sustain something long-term if you actually enjoy doing it!



Write down the weights you use on your lifts, your body composition stats and your meals. Have a goal of doing 10 unassisted pull-ups? It’s helpful and motivating to keep a recorded history of your progress to get you there – and keep you accountable. Once you reach those goals, it shows you just how far you’ve come and allows you to explore what’s next!


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