Can you believe the new year is finally here? Ditch the excuses and make these small changes to your lifestyle to start seeing big results in 2018!

  1. Add intervals to your workout routine: maximize your time spent in the gym by adding in bursts of cardio or H.I.I.T. (high intensity interval training) into your lifts. You’ll burn more calories in less time!
  2. Lift more weights: ditch the 2-3 pound dumbbells in favor of heavier and more challenging weights. Kick your muscles into high gear with strength training in order to get that lean and mean bod you want!
  3. Try a new class: sick of your same old routine? Switch things up and keep your body guessing by incorporating cross training into your workouts. Spinning, yoga, group ex classes…the options are endless!
  4. Drink more water: this one is pretty self explanatory! Make it a point to keep your H20 nearby and sip it all day.
  5. Eat more protein: this one is huge for those with any type of muscle building or weight loss goals, and makes a big difference when it comes to trimming down while staying energized. Aim to have a serving of protein in each of your meals throughout the day.


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