The tan is fading but my fire is not!

Having just competed in my biggest show of my career, The WBFF Pro Worlds, where I took the stage with athletes representing 40 countries and had over 60 in my division, to say I am proud of all I represented up there is an understatement. I represent an athlete that wakes up daily to better herself and the lives of others by teaching clients near and far how to love themselves the healthy way through proper nutrition and exercise; to set goals and crush them and even help mold other professional athletes!

I represent an athlete that lives a healthy, balanced and full life of love and enthusiasm. I represent an athlete who is inspired by her own clients successes. I represent an athlete who is honest in her coaching methods. I represent an athlete who is tenacious and won’t back down from any goal that I set my mind to. I represent an athlete who doesn’t put others down to bring herself up and last, I represent an athlete that will push forward harder and faster when the mountain gets steep and get to the top with a smile!

I almost feel like I’m at the top of that mountain, but what will it take for me to get there?

Maybe its a top 5 pro-ranking or continuing to create more pros that are at that level with me. Or maybe, it’s sharing my passion for fitness with the world through some other amazing things I have in the works, maybe its all of that. I’m not really sure on this one yet.

I do know that I’m so excited to get back in the gym and continue to beat my best on that gym floor, setting new mini-goals for myself: like 10 full unassisted pull-ups instead of five and conditioning myself a little more with my power complexes!

I’m excited to get back in the kitchen and continue to create new healthy recipes to share! I’m excited to plan out some badass refeed meals to enjoy with Stevie and friends.

I’ve been trying to celebrate some life experiences, like friends’ new babies and wedding celebrations coming up!

Over the last few days I’ve received so many beautiful messages from my clients and athletes telling me how much my prep to Worlds has lit their fire even more and how proud they are of me. To me that is the ultimate reward in all of this! Knowing I am the perfect role model for them so they continue to trust fully in me and believe in themselves is a crown I will always cherish

  1. August 19, 2014

    Janelle you are an inspiration. I did 7 miles on the bike today, but that’s nothing compared to you. Keep inspiring your clients, families and friends. We love you.

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