Amanda Scola NisulaI could not be more grateful for Janelle Nicolo. She has honestly changed my life. I started my weight loss journey four years ago with weight watchers when I weighed in at the heaviest I have ever been at 172 pounds. I have always had a love/hate relationship with food, but always loved exercise. Once college softball was over I knew I needed some competition in my life! I have always wanted to compete but never had the tools to succeed. My first competition was May 2013 about a year ago where I had a coach but she was not the full package. I was eating nothing, and doing hours of cardio. Not my idea of fun. As soon as I stepped off the stage of my first show I emailed Janelle right away and ever since then my life has changed! Not only did I place in my second show but my relationship with food and exercise is amazing! I have gained so much knowledge on how to be successful throughout my life with balance! I can FINALLY say at the age of 26 that I LOVE my body and have gained so much confidence all thanks to an amazing friend and coach. I have learned that the key to successfulness is to step out of your comfort zone and never look back!


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