I am so honored to announce Body Ambition Fitness was nominated for THE WBFF “Team Of The Year ” Award! We have had an amazing year (and still 3 shows to go!) with 39 athletes competing so far this year and having 24 place in the top 10, including 1 PRO CARD going to Kayla LaRocque Wbff Pro! Special thanks to my competition prep coaches, Shannon Ann Petralito & Judine St. Gérard and BA staff Dawn BonfantiStacie MontanaroPhilip James,and Jackie Hughes!

A look at the Body Ambition Fitness Spring season placements:


Transformation Division Top 5:
Madonna Giordano
Ronald D’Ambrosio
Top 5 Fit Model Short:
Rachel Keating 3rd
Kayla LaRocque 4th

Top 5 Fit Model Tall:
Heidi Quigley 4th
Melissa Denish 9th

Fit Model Masters:
Lisa Stuart Quealy 3rd

Figure Open:
Stacey Amolsky Bortle 2nd
Lisa Quealy 5th

Figure Masters:
Stacey Bortle 1st
Kim Hofeldt 4th

Bikini Masters:
Amy Browell-Morganthal 6th
Michelle Leblanc 8th

Top 10 Bikini Short:
Marina Maher 5th
Kenia McKeon 8th
Ashley Tranfaglia 9th

Top 5 Bikini Tall:
Samantha Poirier 4th
Cynthia Gerome 5th


PRO STATUS: Kayla LaRocque – Fit Model

Bikini Short:
Marina Maher 2nd

Bikini Tall:
Stephanie Marie Barczak 2nd

Fit Model Masters:
Christine Marie Camilleri Gorksi 3rd
Lisa Surianello Maher 4th

Transformation Top 5:
Deborah Kwong

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