Have you ever walked into the gym, and found yourself lost or have no idea what to train or where to start? Have you ever found yourself sitting on a machine watching other people workout? Or do you walk into the gym day after day doing the same chest & tri workout every Monday?

There’s no need to be that person in either situation!


Coach Janelle Nicolo and I are big supporters of goals and AMBITION!  Before meeting a new Team Body Ambition member, we always consult with the individual in person or via Skype to discuss their goals, because without goals you won’t get far.

So don’t walk into the gym, head to the dumbbell rack and constantly work your glory muscles!  Every muscle in your body should be challenged while using proper form to get your dream physique.  If your constantly working out the same body part in the same order your body gets accustom to the workload and the muscles don’t break down, when your muscle breaks down (get sore) they repair themselves with new muscle fibers which in turn gives you bigger more toned muscle.  Attention females don’t let this deter you from lifting heavy! The reason men have bigger muscles is because of their testosterone, women do have some testosterone in their bodies but its just a fraction of the amount.  Just look at Janelle, she has been working out for roughly ten years and she doesn’t have muscles that are too large for her frame.

Here are some tips on how to set up a non-plateau workout, which will give you the best results Body Ambition style!

  • Always know what body part your about to train before heading into the gym. There’s nothing worse than opening the door, and going into panic mode. Keep a workout journal up to date with your most recent weekly workouts, so you know what you did at the beginning of the week, how much weight you lift on each exercise and how many reps & sets you are doing.
  • Learn from a professional. Hire a trainer (like Janelle) if you are not sure of what muscles to work or the best workouts for your goals and body type. Being on Team Body Ambition, we eliminate the guesswork for you, advising you how to train based on your goals.
  • Always keep a protein shake handy in your bag. Weather if its running on the treadmill or pumping iron, the body needs to repair itself with protein, the building blocks of muscle, so if you aren’t eating a real meal post workout, fuel up within an hour of working out with a good protein shake that works for you. (for more on whey and shakes see Janelle’s blog “Whey Your Options.”
  • Learn the anatomy of the body! Yes, its time to go back to school and learn all the body parts. You will be surprised what you learn about how many primary and secondary muscles are working during any exercises.
  • Ask for help! Never be embarrassed at the gym. Always ask for a spot when lifting heavy. Or ask a question, most people will be happy you went to them. However make sure you ask a professional and not just the person on the machine next to you.
  • Wear comfortable clothing! Don’t be that guy working out in jeans and boots or the girl in shorts so short she can’t move in them! The more comfortable you are, the better your workout is. (I wear the Body Ambition sleeveless shirt, its very comfy to pump iron in and Janelle is the biggest fan of Lululemon)
  • Lift what you are capable of! There’s no need to be the strongest person in the gym. The heavier you lift, the more chance it will lead to injury. Know how much you can lift before attempting to max out and always have a spotter when going heavier. This is why it is important to log your workouts, each week you will know what weight to start with.
  • Step outside your comfort zone and try new exercises.
  • Finally, never give up! Stay Ambitious!

Hopefully, these are some helpful tips on training and staying organized. Stay tuned for my next blog!

-Matt “The Commitment” Corso, Body Ambition Men’s Competition Coach!


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