Amy Gaskins

In February of 2013 I was so frustrated with my physique and feeling really down. I so badly wanted to compete but after being told I was just way too thin to do it naturally Janelle was recommended to me and I emailed her.

Janelle is the first coach that actually believed in me and encouraged me to get up on that stage.

She immediately started feeding me more whole foods(no supplements). Which I was thrilled with and had me lifting heavier.

Her amazing workouts transformed my booty. They don’t call her the “Butt Whisperer” for nothing.

I’ve loved my BA family from the start.

Everyone is so very supportive and helpful and they always encourage you.

The private facebook page has been a lifesaver in times of frustration and doubt.

I can honestly say Janelle and the BA family help to build not only muscles and strength, but my self esteem as well.

I’ve created bonds and friendships that’ll last a life time.

Janelle gave me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone.

I’ve gained so much knowledge on nutrition as well as training being part of the team and attending the workshop in January as well.

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