Ashley VitaleI have an absolute passion for overall health and wellness.

As a previous collegiate athlete, as well as a certified Athletic Trainer and current graduate student in the field of Physical Therapy, I strongly believe knowledge is power.

I’ve always been active in sports and loved being in the gym, however, after college I was at a standstill.

With my athletic career at an end, I was finding it difficult to maintain an athletic stamina. That’s when I started taking Janelle’s tabata classes and fell in love with the variation and overall energy she brings.

After a few months, and expressing my frustration to Janelle that hours in the gym were not getting me anywhere, we went through a 1 to 2 month span of trial and error with proper nutrition guidelines to figure out what works for me.

I always thought I was eating the “right things.”

Little did I know I was mistaken.

Once I started seeing rapid results, the rest is history.

The thought of doing a [fitness]show never crossed my mind until I met Janelle and team BA.

I competed in my first show in April of 2013, and my second will be in May 2014!

I will forever have the knowledge instilled in me that I will use to carry out a happy, healthy, balanced lifestyle and promote the same to my friends and family.


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