Here are pics at week 1 and then at 11 weeks. When I think my progress has been slow, I look at these photos.  I am on the Lifestyle program and that is actually what it is… A lifestyle change. The first weeks were overwhelming but then I started to think about balance. I was worried I would lose momentum if I had a glass of wine or a beer. I do have goals and they include having a happy life along with working out and eating right.

I am very happy with how far I have come. I am not taking the stage, but that is not why I joined BA. I joined so I could have someone, a coach, take me by the hand and give me tools I needed  so that I could hit the gym with a plan. You have been very supportive and did not judge me when I did lose it for a few weeks.

Consistency is so important and I am learning this. It helps to stay on track and be accountable. I am still figuring out how to responsibly balance it all but the challenges are so worth the results!!

I am so excited to keep this going!!

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