Before the transformation
Before the transformation
After 4-month transformation
After 4-month transformation









Challenge State Date: Dec. 1, 2014
Challenge End Date: April 11, 2015
Length of Time: ~ 4 months
Starting Weight: 160 pounds
End Weight: 134 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 26 pounds

I decided this past fall to start transforming my body toward a goal of competing in a fitness competition.

I had become unsatisfied with my physique over the last several years due to change in my diet and exercise habits.

I have always been active, but life got complicated and I stopped making exercise a priority. I cycled less, hiked less and lifted less, but kept on eating like the athlete I once was, which slowly allowed the inches to creep onto my entire body.

It is amazing how slow it happens, how easy it is to ignore the gradual changes until suddenly you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror or photo and say, “who is that person!?!”

I wanted to transform to get back to the fit, healthy person of my past, and feel comfortable in my own skin again! So I joined Body Amabition in the fall and signed on to do the transformation division this past April with the WBFF.

The transformation challenge for Fitness Atlantic has not only allowed me to start changing my physique and lifestyle for the better but will be a great first time experience with the WBFF and fitness competitions.

I still have a lot of work to do to get this body competition ready in the fall, but it can only get better from here! I look forward to working with Body Ambition this summer and beyond to continue to transform my physique as well as live a healthy lifestyle!

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