The picture on the left was taken in October 2015.

At that time I was struggling with workouts, eating poorly with no structured diet, and feeling miserable in my own skin.

I have a passion and love for lifting and have had friends tell me I should take it to the next level and compete.

I thought there was NO way I would ever compete.

I hid my out of shape body inside loose clothing and felt like I could never get in a bikini, let alone get in a bikini and compete with confidence.

I was finally convinced to go to Body Ambition to try a class and talk to Janelle Nicolo.

I was so intimidated and thought “I could never look like that” as I watched posing practice.

Finally, something clicked. Why not me?

The picture on the right is a new person. That was my first competition this April.

I did it. I made it.

And most importantly I am confident, happy, and healthy.

BA has been a major impact in my life and I am so happy to have a coach and team by my side through the ups and downs.

I can’t wait o continue down this road and see what is next for me!!!

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