I have always been athletic my entire life. Sports came natural to me as did my natural muscular build. Playing three sports in high school, and being so active I never worred about what I was eating because I was burning so much off. When I ventured off to college in Florida and no longer played sports, I panicked about not wanting to gain the “ freshmen fifteen.”

I saw girls around me hardly eating anything and doing cardio twice a day. I thought this was what I needed to do to remain “healthy.” Even though I was at my smallest pant size and waist size, I was the farthest thing from healthy because I was not eating enough nor was I eating the right foods.

My weight has always been an up and down battle. I tried cutting out carbs, attended weight watchers even working out severely, but nothing seemed to work for me long term. I would lose 10-20 pounds, but before I knew it a month later I was back to old habits and the weight was back. When I moved back home from Florida, I gained about 20-30 pounds. I was not happy with the way I looked, but mentally was not ready to change things. I was eating 3 meals a day, but eating way to many carbs and processed foods. I was working out, but only doing cardio and no lifting because I was afraid to get “ too big.”

A year ago I went to watch a Body Ambition teammate and close friend compete in the Miss Massachusetts pageant. I thought to myself when watching these gorgeous fit girls compete “I want my body to be able to look like that some day,but I don’t know how that is possible with my build.”

After the pageant and talking with some friends, I thought anything is possible I just need the right help to do it. In October 2013, I met my boyfriend who was very into clean eating and training. I really did not know much about it, but I wanted to learn more. I decided to start eating 5 smaller meals a day ( even though most of this was processed food) it was a start. He loved to cook, so I started eating some clean meals with him but I thought “I can not live off brown rice and chicken I just can’t.”

In March 2014 I made the best choice I could have ever made and joined Body Ambition. I knew it was not going to be easy since I was in my last semester of graduate school and working full time, but I had enough love and support to help me get through it. Just a month and a half into the lifestyle program and a week before my graduate school graduation, my boyfriend passed away unexpectedly. It was a very tough time for me emotionally and physically, to lose your gym buddy and motivator, but I knew he was so proud of how far I had come. I knew with my positive attitude and support from friends and family I could get through this, and I was back in the gym lifting more than I ever thought I could, eating clean and training dirty.

In just four months, I have learned so much from our amazing coach and  my teammates. I’ve learned about having a balance between your meals and work outs, and why your body needs certain foods at certain times. The BA team is not just a work out team, it is a family that supports and helps you with your journey. I never thought my body would transform to how it looks now, and I can not wait to see what the future holds and possibly a competition next year.

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