Maggie Brice

I have always been an athlete, it’s in my blood. I have learned that incorporating physical fitness into my everyday lifestyle is very important and I can thank my parents for that.

I have honestly done it all. In high school I played basketball and ran track, and then in college I was on the track team as well. After college I just went to the gym, lifted some weights walked on the stair master for hours. I then decided I want to run a marathon. So I did.

I love a challenge. I went and ran three marathons, eleven half-marathons in a three year time frame, and then I got “runned” out. I needed a new challenge, and a new goal. I have always wanted to compete in a fitness competition but never knew where I would start or if I could even get on that stage.

In October of 2012, I reached out to Janelle Nicolo about my goals and possibly competing or continuing with running. I knew at that point what I wanted to do (which was a show) however it was taking the courage and confidence to get there.

Janelle provided the proper guidance, nutrition, and support to step on stage at Fitness New England in 2013.

I have since then competed in the Boston Natural Championships in October 2013 which I placed, and I will compete in my third show this May 2014.

I have never felt more confident with myself and can’t thank Janelle enough for all of her support, knowledge and encouragement.

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