Body Ambition Show Prep 

*Our programs are custom designed for you using a holistic approach! This program is for those looking to compete in a fitness, bikini or figure competition. It doesn’t matter if you want to compete in 12 weeks or a year, we have a program that will take you there, Janelle and team will guide you through the proper phases you need to get to the stage such as building, cutting and shred phases as well as the reverse diet to back you out from a show to a healthy attainable look year round!

Fast Track Prep Programs: All of these programs includes online training & CUSTOM Nutrition with your assigned coach. Weekly check ins via email and assistance with choosing a show & suit/theme/gown selection. Option to train, meet or pose with your coach for additional cost per hour.

12 week prep package: $500 (option to continue after for $159 month) SIGN UP


16 week prep package: $599 (option to continue after for $149 month) SIGN UP


20 week prep prep package: $699 (option to continue after for $139 month) SIGN UP

Reverse Diet: $300 An 8 week program designed to reboot your metabolism post show diet  deficit. You’ll work with your coach to gradually add calories back into your diet while reducing cardio as well as properly navigate macros to eliminate fast fat increases or binging episodes. When done correctly, reverse dieting can reset your body-fat set point and allow you to eat more and maintain & gain lean mass.



The Ultimate Prep Package: $1,548/year *payment plan available (option to continue after  first year for $129 month) This is a program that is designed to take your physique to the next level by working with you pre-prep nutrition & training to effectively transform your physique. You’ll then go through your prep diet and reverse out appropriately with your coach to see long term results. This is a Year commitment (includes pre-prep, prep, reverse diet into your lifestyle)  SIGN UP

The Platinum Pro Prep Package: $349 month This program is designed for the client that feels they need a little more TLC with their coach. It includes online CUSTOM training & CUSTOM Nutrition with your assigned coach as well as:

  • 24/7 text access with immediate responses
  • 1 PERSONAL TRAINING session per month
  • 1 monthly 30 min assessment w coach
  • 1 30 min posing session a month
  • Assistance with attaining sponsorships
  • Assistance with gown, suit, theme, photoshoot & image selection



Competitive Posing 

BA Team Member rate $60 for hour private, $15 for group sessionshannon_P_stage_shot
Non-Team member rate: $70 per hour private, $25 for group session









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