Cynthia Gerome

Cynthia has been a Body Ambition athlete for the last three years. What started as a challenge to get out of her comfort zone ended up turning into something so much more.

She started working out to cope with anxiety and depression. Instead of turning to medications she decided to go about it in a healthy and positive way.

After completing her first bikini competition she decided she wanted to share her passion for fitness with others and got her personal training certification through ACE.

For the last two years Cynthia has been training in the Baltimore & surrounding Washington D.C. area. She has also been competing with the WBFF for the last two years.

Placing in the top 5 for Bikini in her last three shows including the Fitness Atlantic. Cynthia is a big believer in practicing what you preach which is why she is so excited to be joining the Body Ambition staff.

Fitness changed her life and she wants to be able to share that possibility with others. Email her today regarding in person & online training, posing, & nutrition !