Reading nutrition labels can be tricky and tough to understand. But knowing what nutrition information to look for will make your healthy food shopping a whole lot easier.

Read on for a quick guide to understanding nutrition labels!

  1. Check the serving size

Remember the importance of serving sizes! If the serving size is 1 cup and you eat 2 – you are getting twice the calories, fat and other macronutrients listed on the label.

  1. Limit bad fats, sugars, and sodium

Not all fats are created equal! Watch out for saturated fats and trans fats (both of which are linked to an increased risk of heart disease), added sugars, and high levels of sodium.

  1. Get in your nutrients

Fiber, potassium, vitamin D, calcium, and iron are all essential for maintaining good health. Add more fruits and vegetables to your daily intake to get in more of these nutrients!

  1. Check the ingredient list

Ingredients in the largest amount are listed first. This is particularly helpful when avoiding added sugars – if it is one of the first ingredients on the list, you’ll know to stay away!


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