How is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)  more beneficial in burning fat and burning more calories throughout the day?  Is there a benefit to adding steady state cardio to your daily workout routine? Here are five reasons to add steady state cardio to your workout, and may be beneficial to your health in the long run.

  1. Recover Faster: If you have been consistently training hard, you might be forgetting one thing in your workout routine—recovery. The effects of a workout don’t stop once you leave the gym, and that feeling of fatigue might not either. We all know that interval training allows you to complete a full cardio workout in less time, but it also impacts your central nervous system to a high extent. If you’re already using up most of your resources for strength training, you won’t have much gas left in the tank to successfully complete multiple interval workouts. Try low to moderate intensity workouts to help increase blood flow to damaged muscle tissues and boost your recovery.

  1. You will maintain muscle mass: When you aren’t eating enough and constantly burning through HIIT and strength training, you are putting your body at risk for losing that hard earned muscle. The harder you work out, the more glycogen you burn. Moderate-intensity, steady-state cardio doesn’t take as much of a toll on your body as HIIT. Steady state can make dieting easier while increasing your calorie burn without overstressing your system.


  1. You still burn calories: Yes, you may not burn as much as you do with HIIT and you won’t have the afterburn effect either but you will still burn calories while incorporating steady state. Especially if you don’t exercise often and typically work and do nothing when you get home, your body will thank you for steady state. Thirty minutes of jogging can burn approximately 300 calories. Do that five days per week and you could lose up to two extra pounds per month.


  1. Good Aerobic Fitness: Helps increases cardiovascular endurance and helps aid in weight loss. Cardiovascular endurance is important to your everyday living and will have a greater effect in the long run than just a quick fat burn and weight loss.


  1. Greater chance of sticking with it: Faster burn out will lead to you not wanting to work out and  to quit whatever fitness goal you have in mind. Why push through something you don’t like to do, or do too much of something that leads you to get tired of it?  You have to find enjoyment in what you do and find what works best for you. Some people enjoy a quick 20 minute HIIT while others enjoy a three mile run. Make it fun and switch it up when it becomes boring or repetitive.


BA recommends switching between HIIT and Steady State every other day.

Monday: Steady State= 30 minute run or 45 minutes on a machine

Tuesday: HIIT (BA has a great Tabata class at 9:15)

Wednesday: Steady State= 45 minute walk on incline or 30 minute run

Thursday: HIIT (BA has a great Thursday Throwdown class)

Friday: Steady state, your choice

Saturday: Your choice

Sunday: Rest

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