One thing that everyone forgets to do daily, especially after a workout is to stretch. People are either in a rush just to get the workout done and to continue on with their day, or think that their body doesn’t need to stretch. However, it is always good to stretch after a workout or even if you aren’t into exercise because of the amazing benefits from stretching.

Some benefits are:

  1. Relief from pain
  2. Increased energy levels
  3. Increased flexibility
  4. Better range of motion
  5. Greater circulation of blood to other parts of the body
  6. Relaxation and stress relief
  7. Improve posture
  8. Enhances muscle coordination and recovery

Stretching helps increase flexibility and range of motion. As we age and when we exercise our muscles tighten and have less range of motions in our joints. Exercise and weight lifting may cause your muscle to form knots because of the constant contraction when the muscle is working and being able to stretch after a workout will help you break up the muscle fibers that may cause those knots or tightness. As we age, we don’t use the muscles like we used to which causes them to easily become stiff and tight; adding a stretching regiment can help release the tightness and improve your range of motion.

With stretching you create a better blood circulation and bodily posture. Blood circulation is important to your health because it helps deliver nutrients to our cells and remove waste byproducts. Also, back to the muscle tightness, it can cause bad posture, which then can affect the function of your organs and your appearance.

When you are stressed, it causes muscles to tighten and tense up which as we now know is not good for our joints, range of motion, posture and blood circulation. As we stretch we are releasing that tension and then creates a sense of relaxation and relief for stress we have caused on our bodies.

As you can see, stretching is important for our everyday bodily function and should be implemented no matter what your fitness level is. We recommend always warming up your muscles before you start a workout, foam rolling any tightness you may have, stretching after a workout and we encourage you to try yoga class which is great for stretching and flexibility!

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