Strapped for cash, but still want to eat healthy? It’s possible! Here are some tips to help make healthy eating affordable on any budget.

  1. Make a list and stick to it. Having a list beforehand will help keep you on track with what you went to the store to buy, and will remind you to avoid throwing any unnecessary items into your cart.

2. Buy in bulk. You might not eat all of it this week, but you can always buy it and portion it out. Map out what you’re planning on having in your meals for the week, and put anything you won’t eat in the next few days in the freezer.

3. Buy plain foods. There are thousands of recipes you can make with basic chicken or ground turkey. Bake it, broil it, sear it in a pan, with seasonings and healthy oils galore! The combinations are endless, and buying plain allows you to be in charge of what you add – as opposed to any mystery ingredients or processed additives

4. Use everything in your fridge. Have a bunch of left over foods from other meals? Don’t waste them! It’s the perfect opportunity to create an easy stir fry where you can throw everything in at the end of the week and make an extra meal out of it.

5. Don’t buy junk food. It’s pretty simple – if you don’t buy it, you can’t eat it. It’s a waste of calories and money you can be spending on healthy foods for your meals.

6. Drink water. Skip the expensive sports drinks and sugary sodas in favor of pure H2O. Gallons of water are under a dollar!

7. Buy seasonal. Produce is cheaper when it’s in season, because it doesn’t have to be shipped from other parts of the country before it’s ripe.

8. The number one rule: DON’T GO SHOPPING HUNGRY—or  you may buy every flavor of Oreos from the snack aisle.


Keep these tips in mind for your next trip to the grocery store! Happy shopping!


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