Summer is just around the corner and there is more to looking good in a bathing suit and having that six-pack abdomen. There are important benefits to having a strong core that will help improve your health and lifestyle.

1. Improved Performance: It doesn’t matter if you are active or if you play a sport, it is important you have a strong core to help you reach your full potential regarding the movement you may be doing.  When doing certain movements you’ll need to produce force in your limbs/muscles and in order to do this your spine should be in the neutral position and core stabilized.  If you have a strong core, you will be able to produce the most force to help with these movements whether it is run, jump, kick, throw, pick up groceries etc.

2. Improved Posture:  Having a weak core can affect the way you feel every day as well as how you sit and stand.  Bad posture can cause a wear and tear on the spine as well causing a pelvic tilt that forces the body to be unbalance and cause an uneven distribution of weight throughout the body.Bad posture can lead to other health problems like scoliosis, herniated disk, back pain, walking with a tilt etc. Best way to improve posture is to strengthen your core as well as work on sitting and standing tall.

3. Reduce Backache: Like previously stated, if you have a weak core, you have a week posture which then will cause back pain, especially in the lower back.  Improving mobility and strengthening in the hip, leg and core region will help relieve the ache and also improve posture.

4. Better Breathing:  Breathing and core strengthening go hand-in-hand.  Focusing and developing breathing muscles such as the diaphram and intercostals help with muscle contraction and relaxation.  As well as a stronger core allows for easier breathing because your organs and diaphragm sit on top of your core and will allow air to pass easily with the proper structure and posture.

5. Slimmer waistline and amazing appearance: Being able to exercise, eat properly and to strengthen your core will have you ready for summer as well as prevent future health risks.  With a small waistline and a healthy life, you are preventing obesity, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, joint and muscle pain, heart attack, blood clots etc.

Remember, there are not quick fixes, living a healthy lifestyle takes time and modification. Body ambition is here to help you improve your lifestyle if you need guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Here are some Core Exercises you can do anywhere!

Do each exercise for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and repeat for 4 rounds

Visit our YouTube page for videos of some of our exercises!

1.      Full Sit up

2.      Rockers

3.      Circle Sweeps

4.      Flat on back Leg Raises

5.      Mountain Climbers

6.      Pikes

7.      Plank Jacks

8.      Russian Twist

9.      Straight Leg Toe Touch

10.   Around the World Sit ups

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