Many people are still convinced of the idea that cutting carbs completely is the way to lose weight – but our bodies need carbs to function! Without carbs, your stress hormones will rise, and your muscle-building hormones will dip low – making both fat loss and muscle gain extremely difficult.

When a person pulls carbs from their diet for an extended period of time, they lose fat as well as a lot of water weight. However, the longer you deprive yourself of carbs, the more your metabolism starts to slow down. And when you can no longer sustain a carb-free diet and start to incorporate them back in, your body holds onto every bit of carbs, sugar and water that it can.

This is where carb cycling comes in. With this method, the body is never deprived of carbs long enough to slow the metabolism. The high carb days act as “boost” days (increasing your metabolism,) and the low carb days act as “burn” days – where the body is in an optimal state to burn fat.

And, yes, we of course want these carbs coming from healthy and nutrient dense, unprocessed sources – with whole foods such as oats, quinoa, potatoes, whole grains, and rice.

Rather than chronic low or high-carb diets, a balance between the two could be a beneficial tool to your goals and needs. As with any “diet,” this is not a one size fits all protocol, so be sure to experiment and find the best fit for you and your body!


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