It’s all about consistency. Just like eating one single salad is not going to make you magically lose weight, one unhealthy meal isn’t going to make you gain a bunch of weight either. Whether you’re consistently eating poorly, or consistently eating well – those results are going to show.

The secret to success truly lies in consistency. When it comes to goals and physical fitness, this point needs to be reiterated frequently because so many people start a program with determination, but drop off when things get too tough (we’re looking at you, New Year’s Resolutions!)

Consistency is the key when it’s uncomfortable. Consistency when you want to skip your workout because you’d rather sleep an extra hour. Consistency when you feel lazy. Consistency when you are moody. Consistency when you’d rather have nachos and beer over a healthy meal. Consistency when you think you “can’t” find time. Whatever the excuse you create in your head, is the key to successfully reaching any fitness goal.

No matter what your goal is, the truth is there’s no way around putting in the work that it takes to get there. And why would we want to? It’s part of the journey!

Read on for our top tips on becoming consistent in your health routine!

  • If you wouldn’t cancel a meeting with your boss, don’t cancel one with yourself. We’re all busy doing things for others, but remember you are important too. If you can’t “find” the time – MAKE IT. Set a strict schedule with yourself each week and dedicate that time carved out to your goal – whether it be meal prepping, going to the gym, taking a group class. Whatever it is, that time is yours and you need to make the most out of it. Even 30 minutes is better than zero if that’s all you have!


  • Involve your loved ones in your healthy habits. We all know not everyone has the same goals. Maybe you want to eat healthier and lose 10 lbs. – but your husband still wants to order pizza and sit on the couch. To each their own, but make it known that “these are my goals, and I would appreciate if you supported them.” Having some sort of encouragement and support from those around you will make it much harder for you to veer off from your goals.


  • Quit making excuses when things get hard. Just because you’re feeling tired, or lazy, or simply because “it’s the weekend” doesn’t give you an excuse to throw all your hard work away. If you’re traveling for work, throw together some workouts you can do while you’re away. Going away for the weekend? Prep some go-to meals ahead of time so you’re not grabbing fast food the whole time. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And the only person that can ditch the excuses to get you to your goal is you.

Take-away message: trust the process. Stay consistent. The results will come!

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