This week it’s  all about having a nutritional balance during social events!

Many of you are celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day next week. It might be the big Irish dinner, or a weekend pub crawl, or both eating and drinking on the actual day. You may be stressed  and think you will be missing the fun. However, you don’t have to compromise your fitness goals. With these helpful tips and Saint Patrick’s inspired food, beverages and moves you will still be able to enjoy the celebrations.

  • Do eat healthy throughout the day, don’t limit food because you want to “splurge” later and save those calories. In reality your body can only digest so much food at one time never-mind bad food, therefore saving those calories for one big meal will not only cause you groggy and full but your system will turn those extra indigestible calories to fat!
  • Eat a protein packed breakfast (eggs, eggwhites, nutritional dense protein smoothie ) You can also try “Green Protein Pancakes” to get into the spirit. Recipe here.
  •  Always have a baggie full of something in your purse or jacket pocket to help with cravings to binge. Nuts are always good because they will help keep you full so you don’t indulge in nachos or  fried food.
  •  DRINK lots of water throughout the day. Some great infusers are mint, basil, lemon, lime and red grapefruit. If you choose to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, choose wisely and create a limit for yourself. A sugary and high carb beverage like margaritas and beer are not your best bet. Try gin and tonic or a plain infused seltzer in between (No one will know they aren’t alcoholic)
  • Try to get in a great HIIT workout so you are burning calories throughout the day. This is one of our Saint Patricks day move, be sure to incorporate that in your workout! They are called Shamrock Squats. Try to do 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest and repeat for 8 rounds! Feel the Booty burn!

Don’t stress over the holiday celebration, always look for alternatives that will help you stay on your fitness goals.  BA encourages you to try our Green Pancakes, Irish Seltzer and to incorporate shamrock squats into your workout! Stay, Fit and Fabulous

BA Darya recommends the Polar Seltzer “Irish Coffee” for a sweet beverage



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