The holidays are a whirlwind of parties and happy hours. But how do we enjoy time with family and friends while avoiding a post-party food hangover? Fend off holiday weight gain with these healthy eating tips!


  1. Bring Your Own Dish

Bring a healthy dish to your gathering to ensure there’s something for everyone there – including you! This will help in your efforts to avoid over-indulging if there aren’t any healthy options offered.

  1. Choose Foods Wisely

Fill your plate with the healthiest options – including vegetables, lean protein, and small portions. That way, you can eat a larger amount of food for fewer calories and not feel deprived.

  1. Manage Portion Sizes

Use smaller plates and skinny glasses! You’ll be less likely to indulge in a taller drink or an XL portion size on your plate if space is limited. Remember that what LOOKS like a normal portion size on a big plate, can actually be much more than one serving.

  1. Don’t Skip Workouts

Squeeze in your workouts wherever and whenever you can, no matter how busy you get. It can be easy to skip your daily sweat during the busiest season of the year, but getting in a quick 30 minute (at least!) workout can make all the difference.

  1. Pick & Choose Your Treats

Love the apple pie your mom bakes special every year for the holidays? Or have a plate of cookies your kids made and decorated just for you? Those are the exceptions to treats you can be making! Make the decision to avoid the basic supermarket-bought cookies sitting in the kitchen at the office, and save your indulgences for the good stuff.


Remember that the holidays are a time to have fun and appreciate time with family and friends. Avoid stressing out and plan on making good choices this holiday season and your body will thank you for it!


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