Chances are you’re probably already aware of most of the obvious sources of sugar…sodas, cookies, cakes, candy (to name a few.) But it may surprise you to learn just how much sugar may be sneaking into your diet elsewhere.

If you’re monitoring your sugar intake, do your best to consume these sugar traps mindfully in moderation (or avoid them completely!)

  1. Alcohol

If you enjoy fruity cocktails, keep in mind that a margarita can pack up to 60 grams of sugar, while a pina colada can have 70! Hard lemonades and ciders typically have 20-30. Stick to dry wines or hard liquors mixed with seltzer to shave off the excess sugar.


  1. Fruit & Nut Bars

Although these are a smarter option than cereal bars or granola bars, they still tend to have a significant amount of sugar (as much as 20+ grams.) When checking out the food label – be sure to look for low sugars, high proteins, and clean ingredients (5 or less!)

  1. Marinated Sauces

Did you know that many BBQ sauces contain up to 11 grams of sugar per tablespoon? And let’s be real, we all know many of us aren’t measuring out just one tablespoon. That can make it easy to consume at least 20 grams in one meal. Remember that a little bit goes a long way, and when shopping at the grocery store – look for low sugar and avoid processed ingredients.

  1. Flavored Yogurt

Vanilla, strawberry, pineapple, they all sound like tasty yogurts – but they typically have at least 10 grams of added sugars in comparison to the plain varieties. Skip the “fruit on the bottom” options and instead add your own whole fruit, cinnamon, or even protein powder to your plain yogurt for extra flavor.

In a sugar-ruled society, it’s hard to know what foods and drinks to trust. As always, remember to be aware of food labels while grocery shopping and prioritize whole-food sources as opposed to processed!

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