Sleep, nutrition, and hydration (to name a few) are hugely important in recovery – sometimes even more essential than training itself. Are you recovering properly from your workouts?


Read on for our list of MUSTS, so you can recover quicker and more efficiently with each workout!


  • Adequate sleep – Getting enough sleep aids in mental health, hormonal balance, and muscle recovery.


  • Proper nutrition – Keeping your nutrition clean will eliminate the “sluggish” feeling that comes with eating junk. Also, be sure to limit inflammatory foods as much as possible.


  • Hydration – Drinking enough water is critical to health, energy, recovery, and performance. Aim for half of your bodyweight in ounces per day!

  • Massage and/or foam rolling – Tight muscles and trigger points sometimes need assistance in recovery. Investing in a foam roller you can use regularly to roll out your “knots” will make a huge difference in not only your muscle soreness, but the quality of your workouts.


  • Magnesium supplement – Magnesium is the multi-tasking mineral your body needs, and works wonders for muscle soreness. Athletes and others who exercise at high-intensity levels for extended periods of time often require more Be sure to consult your healthcare provider for advice on how much is right for you.



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