“No days off” is one of those cringe-worthy fitness phrases that so many people boast about, but really, you shouldn’t. Simply put, sometimes your body just needs a good rest day! You need to allow yourself to have the mindset that resting isn’t slacking, and your body actually needs that time to recover and be at its best to perform.

So how much should you be resting? Everyone is different and there are so many variables that go into determining how often one should rest – but no one knows your body better than you. This is where mindfulness and listening to your body come into play. Feeling extra sore? Fatigued? Cranky? Chances are, you need to rest.

While, to some, it can feel counterproductive to regularly take days off from exercise when working toward a goal to improve your health – overtraining your body can negatively impact your health and lead to a slew of other issues.

Even an “active” rest day can absolutely be beneficial to your health, read on for a few suggestions on what to do on your day off from the gym!


  1. Go for a hike
  2. Swim
  3. Go for a bike ride
  4. Do some yoga
  5. Take the dog for a walk

What do you do on your rest or “active” rest days? Let us know in the comments!

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