Fit Friday: How Soda Impacts Your Body

Did you know that sugar-sweetened beverages are linked to more than 180,000 obesity-related deaths a year? If you’re addicted to soda and don’t think that it is bad for your body, guess again. Diet soda may be calorie free, but it is loaded with chemicals and artificial sweeteners that can have the same affect that regular soda’s do. Here are some of the ways that soda impacts your body:

Weight: Drinking one soda a day can equal consuming 39 pounds of sugar per year. If you regularly drink sugary drinks, it can interact with genes that affect weight.  Sugar/artificial sweeteners can trigger insulin, which sends your body into fat storage mode and is a cause of weight gain.

Brain: Having too much sugar in your diet reduces production of brain chemical that helps us learn, store memories and process insulin. Consuming too much sugar also dulls the brain’s mechanism for telling you to stop eating which is where many people tend to over eat and leads to obesity.

Kidneys: The high level of phosphoric acid in these sodas have been linked to kidney stones and other renal and liver problems.

Digestive System: The carbonation in soda and soft drinks can cause gas, bloating, cramping.  Not only will you feel full and bloated but also the body can’t digest all the sugar and carbohydrates found in one soda, which means that it stores it mainly as fat.

Bones: Soda consumption has been linked to osteoporosis and bone density loss. It is likely due to the phosphoric acid and caffeine in soda. Try drinking unsweetened almond milk or fat free milk that is loaded with calcium and are good for your bones.

Heart: Chronic diet and regular soda consumption leads to an increase of heart disease. The fat that is formed from a poor diet and soda can clog your arteries leading to future heart attacks and strokes.

Lungs: The more soda you drink, the more you are loading your body with carbonation, which can cause painful gas bubbles in your chest. You also are putting yourself at risk for asthma or COPD.

Teeth: Teeth are bone; therefore the acid levels of the soda will eat away at the bone and will also cause them to turn yellow.

Think again before you drink another soda or diet soda!  If you like carbonated drinks we recommend drinking flavored polar seltzer; there are many different flavors that would be sure to fill your taste buds. As always, drink plenty of regular water, eat the right things and exercise!


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