When training for a sport what makes you a better player? Is it practicing a specific thing over and over again, or showing up at practice and doing what the coach tells you?

Alone those activities aren’t enough, however, when athletes incorporate plyometrics into their specific strength and conditioning programs they produce better results.

Plyometrics, otherwise known as “plyos,” consist of powerful, fast and explosive movements. There are many benefits from incorporating Plyometrics into any workout.


1. Enhances Performance:  It improves your agility, quickness and speed as well as muscle endurance and power.  All of these are important to overall sport performance or to working out just to be healthy.

2. Muscle Power: With Plyos you are strengthening your arm and leg muscles at a higher rate therefore developing muscular power.

3. Burning Calories: As your muscles become bigger and stronger and improve endurance capabilities, it means that burning calories at a higher rate. Calories continue burning throughout the day.  After your workout it increases your metabolism which means you will still be burning even while you are resting.

4. Endurance: Because of the strengthening of the muscle with the explosive movements, you are conditioning the muscles to allow you to continue to perform at a high intensity and delay muscle fatigue.

5. No extreme equipment: You can use your own body weight and things around the house or facility to assist in some exercises. They are workouts that can be done anywhere; works great using a tabata style or if you are in need of a quick workout.

6. Anyone will benefit from it: You don’t need to be an athlete performing in sporting events to use plyometrics. Use it at home or for a quick workout and you will see a better benefit from it than running an hour on the treadmill.

Here is a quick plyometric workout for at home!

Don’t forget that Body Ambition’s trainer Jackie Gauthier, specializes in strength and conditioning for athletes, especially soccer players!


20 Split Squat Jumps

15 Jump Squats

20 Lateral Leap Hops

20 Skater Hops

10 Single Leg Hop (each leg)

15 Burpee with Push up

Repeat 3-4 times

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