Weight loss goals can prove to be hard enough without unwanted food traps popping up along your journey. Learn about some of the most common traps and how to avoid them for healthier choices!

  1. Salad Bars.

A plate full of veggies is always a great option, but many unhealthy additions available at the salad bar can ruin a good thing. Skip the croutons for added crunch, and instead choose a serving of nuts as your good fat. Always choose fresh fruits over dried (which have considerably higher sugar and calories.) Also, be sure to avoid processed dressings – often loaded with sugar and unnecessary ingredients – and go for a light drizzle of olive oil or vinegar for added flavor.


  1. Cocktail Hour

Sugary cocktails can make a huge dent in your daily intake, leaving you with little to no nutritional value. Be sure to avoid juices, sodas and calorie-dense beer and instead try vodka or gin with sparkling water and a squeeze of lemon or lime for a lower-calorie cocktail option.

  1. Smoothie Shops

Smoothies can be a convenient way to get in your serving of fruit or veggies, but they also frequently hide high amounts of sugar – sometimes as much as 70 grams! Always look for a light or lower-sugar option, make sure it’s not loaded with artificial sweeteners, and always remember to read nutrition facts!

  1. Coffee Shops

With flavored syrups and toppings galore, your morning caffeine fix can turn into a high-calorie dessert. Many choices can be calorie and sugar bombs, but they can always be special ordered to be more fit-friendly. Try adding cinnamon to your next coffee as opposed to cream and sugar!

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