“SMART” goals—you may have heard of them before. They’re one of the most realistic and effective ways to set attainable goals! So what does it stand for?

S – specific

M – measureable

A – accountable

R – realistic

T – timeframe


Read on for tips on how to set your own SMART goals for success!

  1. Set a specific goal

Setting too-vague of a goal will actually work against you. You need to have a clear vision of what, why, and how you are going to achieve your goal. (for example: setting a goal of losing 10 lbs. before vacation by working out 5 days each week VS. just saying “my goal is to lose weight.”)


  1. Set measurable goals

Setting a measurable goal is important so you’ll know when you’ve actually reached it! Looking to increase your weights at the gym? Track your progress each week by writing down what weights you’re lifting each time you work out. As you see your weights start to increase, these “small” successes will help build momentum and overall motivation towards accomplishing your ultimate goal.


  1. Stay accountable

Posting your goals to Instagram or another form of social media, writing them down on paper in a journal, keeping them listed in an app on your phone…whatever it is, keep your goals set clearly in front of you and refer to them often. Sometimes having other people know about your goals will keep you motivated and on track each day, it could even motivate others!


  1. Set realistic goals

Just as setting vague goals can work against you, extravagant ones sometimes can too. Set a goal that you can truly see yourself reaching, that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed trying to reach it. Not great at doing push-ups but want to be able to do 30 of them in a row by the end of the week? Probably not going to happen. But practicing and being able to do 10 of them at once by the end of the month? Absolutely realistic and attainable!


  1. Have a timeframe

Having a target date to work toward with a time limit doesn’t always mean overwhelming pressure – it can actually be a positive form of pressure that will consistently give you the push you need to achieve that fitness goal! This can be done in so many different ways:


  • Sign up for a marathon – you’ll have an incredible sense of accomplishment when you cross the finish line, not to mention the shape you’ll get in while training for the race itself!


  • Commit to a physique competition – anyone can set goals, but competitions force you to reach them by the time you step on stage. Once you register for a show, you are committed, and all procrastination must be thrown out the window. Visit http://www.wbffshows.com/shows/ to commit to your first show this year!


  • Enter an obstacle race – the body can achieve what the mind believes, right? An obstacle course like a Spartan Race will push you straight out of your comfort zone and bring you together with like-minded individuals in an exciting team environment. Whether you compete alone or with friends, your mental fortitude will be tested in order to get you past that finish line! Sign up for a local race in your area at https://www.spartan.com/en/race/find-race and start gearing up for a new and exhilarating 2017 goal!


Not quite sure what type of goal to set for yourself this year? Spartan Race has you covered! Be the first to email us today at programming@bodyambition.com to receive a FREE Spartan Race code to sign up with, so you can start training for the most intense race of your life!

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