Ever thought about the placement of foods at your local grocery store? Chances are – the fresh produce, fresh meats, and dairy are all located on the outside of the store. Fresh foods are always healthier than the packaged goods you’ll find in the middle aisles. That’s why it’s time to start shopping the perimeter!

Why skip the aisles in favor of the perimeter of the grocery store?

  1. Avoid tempting snacks. Sticking to the outskirts of the store will help you avoid any impulse snack buys (hello chips and cookies!) and keep you on track with healthier options.

2. Discover new foods. By focusing your attention on the outside of the store, you’re more likely to try new, healthy foods. Having that variety in your routine will help keep you from getting bored!

   3. Keep your grocery trips short & sweet. Not a huge fan of grocery shopping? The outside aisles have mostly everything you need to get in and out efficiently. You can dip into the center aisles for your nut butters, starches, or other staples – but most of the essentials of your shopping list can be found on the outside of the store.

Try to do less weaving in and out of snack aisles and streamline your shopping list to the perimeter of the grocery store on your next trip – your health will thank you!

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