The importance of sleep in your fitness routine can be frequently undervalued. But the right amount of sleep is actually crucial in order for your body to perform at its maximum capacity. Take a look at the science behind sleep and why it is so essential to our everyday life!

A full night’s sleep recharges us. The time you spend sleeping is when most of your growth hormone is produced, the benefits of which include stronger muscles, increased calcium retention and fat loss, and reduced fat storage.

Sleep also plays a role in our hunger levels, because the body evens out two of the hormones that control hunger – ghrelin and leptin – during sleep. Studies have shown a relation between less sleep and higher levels of ghrelin, which induces hunger.

Not only does sleep deprivation affect our bodies and hunger levels, but our workouts too! If you’re exhausted, your head just won’t be in the game the way it should be – psyching you up for a poor-quality workout. Physically, your body may just give up earlier, either preventing you from lifting more weight or doing more sets/reps.

Fat loss. Muscle gain. Better workouts. Positive mood. Enhanced performance. Improved mental capacity. Not being cranky all day! All benefits that attest to the importance of getting enough sleep. Remember that discipline and reaching your goals are a reflection of what you want vs. what you want MOST.

So yeah, you’d really love to stay up and watch one or five more episodes on Netflix, but what you should want MOST is a healthy mind and a healthy body. Prioritize your sleep. Enough said!

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