The power of TEMPO workouts!

Program design or lack there of can significantly increase or halt progress no matter what fitness level.

I always strive to customize my clients program’s so they continuously advance and see progress! If you aren’t working with us at Body Ambition for online programming or training, one way you can vary your personal programs is to add TEMPO training to your workout.

An example of this would be a tempo of 3/0/3 for a DB Chest Press. The basic rule of tempo training is to lower the DB’s for the eccentric part (lowering phase) of the lift, -0- rest at the bottom and then press it up for the concentric (lifting phase) of the exercise.

You can vary the tempo and use 3 or 4 levels of the exercise. For example my above DB chest press exercise has 3 levels (the eccentric, the pause or no pause at the bottom of the motion and the concentric to the top of the exercise).

You can also use 4 levels, for example with a squat you could use a tempo of 2/3/1/0. This would mean you would lower for 2 seconds, pause for 3 seconds at the bottom, lift up to start position for 1 second and -0- rest at the top, so go immediatly back down to lower and repeat for reps.

The result–you’re developing body control, an incrediable burn, connective tissue strength and, of course, hypertrophy to see amazing physique changes!

So this month I challenge you to take your training up a notch and give it a go!

Be sure to vary your tempos if working the same exercises every 3-4 weeksm for optimum results if your routine itself doesn’t change much.

Stay fit & fabulous!


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