You’ve probably heard before that alcohol and weight loss don’t exactly go hand in hand. And it’s true that it can delay your progress and affect your goals. But why?

Fun (or not-so-fun) fact: just one serving of alcohol can take up to 72 hours for the body to process BEFORE it can digest any food that is consumed. That means limiting your alcohol consumption can help your body process and utilize food you are eating much more efficiently.

At 7 calories per gram, alcohol contains almost twice as many calories as the 4 that are in protein and carbohydrates – and has almost as many as the 9 calories per gram that fat provides. 7 calories may not seem so concerning, but think back to the last time you had a drink (or 5) – chances are you didn’t whip out a scale and measure out what would be a recommended serving of alcohol, and it can be easy to inadvertently take in much more than expected. We must also remember that the calories in alcohol lack any nutritional benefits that macronutrients like carbs, fat, and protein provide.

To Drink or Not to Drink

Simply put, yes, alcohol can sabotage your weight loss efforts by promoting fat storage and decreasing muscle growth. As soon as you have a drink, your body uses up all the glycogen (aka: stored glucose) in your liver – increasing your appetite and reducing your inhibitions. So…you’re more likely to gravitate toward the nearest snack table or late-night menu at the bar, and less likely to go home and prepare a healthy meal because you’re so damn hungry!

If you’re serious about losing weight, it’s best to put alcohol aside until you’re ready to maintain your physique. However with the holidays coming, those festive parties can sometimes get the best of you…so if you MUST have a drink, read on so you can at least be educated about what you’re ordering in your next frosted glass!

  • Margarita – 270 calories
  • Daiquiri – 259 calories
  • Beer – 250 calories
  • Cosmopolitan – 230 calories
  • Sangria – 167 calories
  • Bloody Mary – 140 calories
  • Red or white wine – 120 calories
  • Rum & Coke – 91 calories
  • Champagne – 84 calories
  • Martini – 69 calories
  • Vodka soda – 64 calories


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