It’s important to know that fat is an essential macronutrient in our day-to-day diets, and is needed for optimal hormone health and overall well-being! A common misconception with “fat-free” or “low fat” foods is that they are better for you than their full-fat counterparts or will help you lose weight…but this doesn’t always prove to be true.

How can fat free processed foods actually cause weight gain?

  • Fats fill you up and keep you feeling fuller longer. When the fat is removed from foods, it can cause many people to overeat in order to feel satisfied.
  • Fatty foods tend to have much more flavor. Processed “fat-free” foods are usually the opposite – which is why extra ingredients like sugar, flour, salt, etc are added into the mix to alter the taste. So although a package may say “fat-free” – it may actually have MORE calories than the regular version due to all of the additives! It’s important to be sure that the lower fat option isn’t loaded with sugar and other mystery ingredients causing you to take in more calories, or it could do more harm than good.
  • Even if a food is labeled “fat-free” “sugar free” or “calorie free” – it doesn’t mean it is healthy. These type of foods are often loaded with chemicals that can lead to bloating, headaches, and put you at risk for serious hormonal imbalances and health issues.

Don’t be afraid of GOOD fats!

Remember that good, healthy fats are a necessary component in our everyday nutrient-dense, whole foods based diets. Be sure to incorporate some of the following sources into your routine and your body will reap the benefits!

  • Avocado
  • Whole eggs
  • Fatty fish such as salmon
  • Nuts
  • Oils (coconut oil, avocado oil, MCT/XCT oil, etc)

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