Don’t Stress Over the Number on the Scale: Muscle Weighs More Than Fat!

A lot of people stress over the scale when they are trying to lose weight or transform their body. What people have to understand is that muscle weighs more than fat and the scale is not an accurate measurement for progress. The scale does not define you nor is it consistent. If you want to see progress, we recommend taking weekly pictures, measurements, go by how you look and feel! Here are the benefits of muscle mass and a little build workout!

  1. More than just weight and calories: Building muscle mass helps strengthen connective tissue which then increases and helps bone density. When you increase your bone density it helps prevent injury with anything you do as well as prevention of getting osteoporosis later in life.
  1. Increases metabolic rate: The more muscle you have the higher your resting metabolic rate. In simple terms, your body burns more during the day, even if you aren’t exercising! Fact: one pound of muscle uses about six calories a day to sustain itself, while one pound of fat burns two calories a day. Imagine if you get a good workout in? You’ll be burning calories like crazy all day long!


  1. Much more than calorie burning: Weight training and increasing muscle mass helps improve your balance, blood sugar levels and also improves sleep and mental health.


Do four sets of 6—8 reps of each. Check out our Body Ambition YouTube page for how-to videos

DB Shoulder PressDB Step Ups

Narrow Squats

DB incline Bicep Curl

DB incline Tricep Kickbacks

Single leg plate v-ups

Hack Squat

Plank Rear Fly

DB Lateral Lunge to Curl

Ez Bar slow release curls

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