Why are omega-3’s essential? Your body cannot make this type of fat on its own, so it must be obtained from food. These essential fats are also necessary for normal body function and overall optimal health. Without these fats, your body would not be able to function normally.

So where can omega-3 fatty acids be found and how can we add them into our diet? The list below shows some of the many sources of fats you can easily incorporate in your day-to-day nutrition!

  • Walnuts
  • Grass-fed meats
  • Cold-water fish (salmon, trout, herring…)
  • Shrimp
  • Fish oil

Are there any omega-3’s I should avoid? YES! Pay close attention to ingredient labels and be sure to avoid omega-3’s coming from soybean oil or canola oils. These oils are genetically modified and refined, and can lead to negative long-term health effects. These oils can be found in salad dressings, processed snack bars, peanut butter, nuts, pasta and more.

Do your best to include omega-3 fatty acids (the good kind) in your regular routine as often as possible – your body will thank you!

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