So many people make the mistake of thinking the only way to lose weight is by doing hours upon hours of mind-numbing cardio. But the truth is, lifting weights is proven to be much more beneficial to overall weight loss and toning.

Read on for a couple of the many reasons you should ditch the elliptical in favor of the free weight racks!

You’ll Burn More Calories

After you’re done running on the treadmill, it’s time to rest, right? Well if you’ve worked out by lifting weights, you may be resting – but your body is still burning calories for hours after you’ve finished.

You’ll Lose More Fat (Not Just Weight)

While lifting weights helps to burn fat, doing only cardio leads to fat burn – as well as muscle burn…exactly what we don’t want. Muscle loss may cause the number on your scale to drop, but it doesn’t improve your body composition. Ever heard of “skinny fat”? This is it! If you weight train as you diet, you’ll protect your muscle while burning fat.

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