Barbell Split Lunge: In a lunge position, one leg in front of the barbell, one leg behind holding the barbell as you lunge keeping your chest up and back straight.

BB Walking Lunges: Barbell instead of dumbbell – can use EZ bar as well.

BB Rack Lunge:

Cable Cross Body Press Down: Holding the ball of the cable,  keeping your elbow attached to your sides, bring the cable across and down, controlling the  cable on the way back up.

Cable Lateral Donkey Kicks: Facing cable , place foot in the  cable and instead of pushing back, you are pushing the cable out at a 45 degree angle.

Chest-to-Floor Burpees: Make sure your chest it hitting the ground and you are lifting your hands up before pushing right back off.

Concentration Curl: In seated position off bench, place one elbow to inner knee/thigh and curl the dumbbell up to your chest.

Curtsey Lunge: When you lunge step foot behind the other into a curtsey position bending both knees down then bring leg back to the front position.

DB Burpee Twist Curl:  Gripping dumbbells, starting in your plank position, burpee up and bring dumbbells from your palms in facing your legs to a curl ending with your palms facing your chest. Release back to palms facing your legs and repeat for reps.

DB Twist Press: Pressing DBs on a flat bench, twist your palms in and squeeze your chest at the top.

Decline Press with Twist: In the decline position pressing dumbbells up, palms facing away from you, twisting your palms facing in at the top.

Front Squat: Holding barbell in front of you and placing heels on plates while balls of feet and toes on the floor perform a squat, going parallel to knees. (elbows should touch or come just inside knees).

Good Mornings: Using EZ Bar or Olympic bar, feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent, hinge at the waist keeping your chest up and your back flat trying to reach a 90 degree angle, squeezing your lower back on the way back up.

Gorilla: Start in a squatted position, reach hands out to the floor in front of body, hop feet up past hands on the floor, hips stay low to the ground in a deep squat. Repeat. Hands then feet.

Hop Squat: Hop feet out into a plie squat, hop feet in to a narrow squat.

Inchworm with Push-Up: Stand with legs straight and hands on the floor close to toes, walk hands out until you’re in a plank, push-up, walk feet to hands, repeat across floor.

Incline Cable Fly: Set up a bench inbetween two cables, grab the two cables and come up inbetween, over the chest, keeping a slight bend to the elbows. Keep in line with the bust..

Incline DB Twist Curl: Seated on an incline, holding DB palms facing in, curl the dumbbells up twisting them so that your palms are facing you at the top or the curl. Release to starting position.

Iron Angels: Holding weights or plates, palms facing out, laterally raising extended arms to over-head meeting weights or place at the top and back down. Elbows slightly bent.

Lat Sweeps: Using a straight bar positioned high, overhand grip the bar giving you enough space to keep your arms extended as you push the bar down to your upper thighs. Elbows should only be slightly bent.

Lateral Donkey Kicks: With cable attached to foot kick back and out to the side. This is a merge of a donkey cable kickback and a fire hydrant.

Lateral Step Up: Holding DB’s or weighted bar, laterally step up on the box or bench.

Medicine Ball Jacks: Stand with feet together, holding ball with straight arms above head, jump feet out with toes turned out, go into a squat position and touch the ball to the floor, repeat, *keep back straight.

Olympic Bar Push Press: Holding Olympic bar at shoulder height in-front of you, use momentum through your legs to press over-head. Make sure your head is pushing forward in this movement so that it isn’t falling behind your shoulder alignment.

Olympic Bar Underhand Row: Feet hip width apart, knees bent, back straight, grip the Olympic bar with an underhand grip and row the bar into rib cage/just below your chest, extending the arms back down and repeat.

Pendulum Lateral Raise: Holding DB in front of you at chest, raising one side, bent elbow, driving it up with your shoulder to shoulder height and back to center, alternating arms.

Pendulum Lunges: Lunge front, then back with the same leg.

Plank Jack-Knife: Start in a plank with hands on floor, hop both feet in towards hands, keeping legs straight (with a soft knee), then hop back out into a plank.

Plank Shoulder Touch/Tricep Touch: Hold a tight plank on hands, alternate touching opposite shoulder with hand x amount of times, then keep hands on floor, and alternate touching opposite triceps x amount of times, with the knee on that side of body.

Plank Up-Down Mountain Climber: Starting on forearms, pressing up to both arms extended driving the knees for mountain climbers and returning to start position. Alternating the arm you push off from.

Pop Squat:

Push-Up Holds: Perform a pushup but while in the low position hold for time (3 seconds) then come up, that is 1 rep.

Rear Delt Plank Row: In a plank position with DB’s facing horizontal/prone position alternative row for reps.

Rear Fly on Cables: With the cabled in an upright position, left hand grabs the right cable, right hand grab left (forming and X) elbows slightly bent, pull cables down, squeezing your shoulder blades in the bottom position.

Renegade Row: In a plank position row DB’s back one at a time.

Reverse Drop: You can reverse drop a lot of exercises. What I mean is start with DB’s in the up position, then alternating, drop one at a time for reps.

Reverse Lunge:

Rockers: Lie on back with hands under butt, lift upper body and legs slightly, rock back and forth like a teeter totter, keep abdominals pulled in.

Romanian Deadlifts: Using a barbell,  keep your back and arms completely straight, slightly bend your knees as you move  down – remember to keep your hips, back and core tight. Hands should be slightly wider than shoulder width apart.

Rope Face Pulls: Rope a little above face height, gripping rope, elbows  point out at shoulder height when pulling the rope towards your face. Arms start in extended position.

SB Prone Hypers: Stability ball hyperextensions facing down.

Seated DB Bentover Row:

Seated DB Y Press: Seated straight up, palms facing in with DB at your shoulder height, extend arms out at an angle as if you’re making a Y shape.

Seated High Cable Row:

Seated Smith Machine Press: Place a bench in the smith machine rack with the back straight up. Adjust weight accordingly and press with your hands about shoulder width apart. Be sure  to bring bar all the way down to your shoulders before pressing back up.

Side Plank Elbow Touch: Start in a side plank, with feet stacked, and upper body supported on one elbow.  Place top hand behind head.  Twist top elbow down to touch floor.  Return to starting position and repeat.

Single Leg Burpee: Like performing a single leg jumprope, keep one leg tucked while performing the exercise.

Single Leg Deadlifts: Using dumbbells, lift one leg as your lower dumbbells  (palms facing your legs) just brushing the front of your standing leg squeezing your glutes and driving through your heel as your come up.

Skull Crushers: Using an ez bar, lay flat on the bench holding the bar with a narrow grip above your chest. Bring bar down to your forehead, pressing up through your triceps.

Smith Machine Donkey Kicks: Palms and knees on the floor, placing middle of your foot under the barbell and pressing it up. Just like a dumbbell donkey kick motion.

Spiderman Push-Up: In the down phase of the push-up, bring one knee up towards the elbow, then return foot to the floor in the up phase. Alternate sides.

Sumo Squats: Toes pointed out, wide stance.

Tucks: Sit on the edge of a bench or step, hold on to the back or side of bench, and lean upper body back.  Lift legs into a v-sit.  Pull knees in and out. Can also be done with cables cuffed to top of feet for weighted.

Uppercut Fly (a.k.a. Low Cable Fly): Start with hands by your sides holding cables then sweep arms with palms up to chest height bringing handles in close together and concentrating on squeezing the upper chest.

Wide Seated Row: Using a wide grip bar on the seated row cable machine.

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