Body Ambition Lifestyle Program 

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A program custom designed for you using a holistic approach! Perfect for those looking to lose weight for an event, for your health and to just your best at any age!

PRICING: $149 first month payment. $129 month thereafter.
You’ll work with a BA coach to reach your goals no matter how big or small using our holistic balanced approach to nutrition and our custom programming! You’ll receive monthly training plans to do at home or at the gym along with nutritional coaching & cardio protocols.
Also included:
Weekly check ins with your coach via email
Recipes/support & motivation weekly
Structured nutrient timing of meals
Access to our Private BA Fit Fam Facebook page



Loose pounds and inches with this uniquely designed program to reset your hormones and get your body working for you rather than against you! A structured program with 7 phases that change every 4 days. This is an easy to follow program and brings fast results!!! We’ve had clients loosing up to 10 inches in 30 days! You have nothing to loose except for fat and inches…JOIN TODAY!


A condensed version of our lifestyle program. Online & In-house options available.




A 6 week online program designed to jumpstart your goals using our holistic balanced coaching approach.

Online Program – Training Only

This is for a 4 week custom training program designed by Janelle based on your goals you discuss with her. This is not for the competitor, but for the athlete or avid gym goer looking to step up their game and see results!  Does not include nutritional guidance. $80 per month – renews every month until canceled.


Online Program–Nutrition Only

This is a monthly program where you will work with a BA coach specifically on nutrition to get to your goals! Your coach will create an initial custom nutrition program after reviewing your eating habits, food log, a client questionarre and your current training program. You will then check in with your coach weekly to adjust things to continue to get you to your goal! This is not for the fitness competitor, but for the average person looking to be healthier, loose weight or tone up. This is also a great option for the Cross-fit athlete or avid gym goer looking to step up their game and make sure your nutrition is correlating with your intense training to get you to your goals! Does not include a training program.

$99 per month – This is a non-contract commitment. Program renews every month unless canceled.



Pageant Prep – Virtual Online Programming      


A program custom designed for you using a holistic approach!
$129/month NO contract!
What’s Included:
  • weekly check-ins with Janelle in which she will adjust your program as needed to keep meeting your goals
  • learn how to fuel your body the healthy way! Individualized meal and nutrient planning to help you learn how to fuel your body for a lifetime not a fad diet!
  • goal setting and self-love support
  • glam & styling support
  • monthly workouts customized for you that you can do at any gym along with anywhere workouts to fit your lifestyle and fitness level and get you to your goals
  • access to a private facebook page filled with motivation, inspiration, recipes, anywhere workouts and more from other like-minded individuals on the program
  • access to the BA mobile app

***Personal training with Janelle and posing & presentation classes also available at additional cost per hour***

Once you receive your welcome information you will be asked to send along before pictures (front, side and back in a bikini) along with a food log and our BA Pageant Prep Questionnaire to fill out.  Janelle will then create your program utilizing all the above elements to get you started!