My life has been pretty exciting this past month—winning the WBFF Figure World Title, all of you cheering from the sidelines, and the support from my coach, family and friends. The months leading up to the show were just as exciting, too. My mind was in such a great place this year—I had so much positive energy surrounding me and it was awesome!

Yet, the show ends, you eventually head home and you’re back to your daily grind. This is not a bad thing; however, some of us are not fully prepared for post-show changes.

Someone actually said to me the other day, “competing in a show that big must be like preparing for a wedding, so much excitement, but then it’s over, so what’s next?” There’s actually a lot of truth to this statement when I think about it.

What happens after the lights, the heels, the posing routines, the placings etc? We celebrate obviously! We head out on the town all nice and brown, and we eat, we drink and we eat some more. Our family and friends are thankful we are “back to normal.” I have news for first timers reading this, you will never be the same as you were pre-competition. Your new normal should be continuing to live a life of fitness and health. You have learned how good it feels when you take care of your body.  Post-show is not an invitation to binge and eat like crap. This is not what you learned these past months of training and it is not a reason to stop going to the gym and start old eating habits again. You worked way to hard for that!

There is a correct way to handle post show. I always stress to people that hiring someone to help you out after a show is just as important as hiring someone to prepare you for one If you don’t know what to expect afterward, it can surely mess with your head

I have put together some helpful post show tips to keep your mind & body healthy & strong!


  1. Reverse Diet—Just as you diet going into a show you need to diet coming out of the show. It is important to note that it’s perfectly normal to be a little puffy post show especially when traveling. You put your body under some pretty tough stress the weeks leading up to the show so of course it needs to adjust hormonally, too. With a proper diet, supplementation, and water intake your body will bounce back within no time!


  1. Stay Off the Scale—One of the worst things you can do right after a show is start to get on the scale! Your body WILL NOT weigh the same as it did before! Like I mentioned above you have a new normal now. Either you came from a place of an incredible weight loss story or you had to put on size, either way you are not the same person. You have built lean muscle and now it’s time to incorporate all food groups back into your nutrition plan and with that comes healthy weight gain. On average within the first week, post show you will put on  5 to 7 pounds, and you need this weight gain.  It is not normal nor healthy to be walking around at such a low body fat percent all the time! Your body will rebel if you do! With this weight gain you will notice you are heavier than you were before you ever started training. You are not fat, there’s nothing wrong with you, you are fit and you are healthy.
  1. Rest, Recover, Get Back to the Gym—Post-show is important getting back to the gym is also important for your body and mind! Keep in mind your training can’t be intense training right away! You should get back and try a few circuit training routines and ease back into your heavy lifts. Your body has been through a lot. With cardio, if you were doing 60 minutes 5 days a week try reversing that and do 45 minutes and taper down to 30 minutes. In a sense you should reverse out of your cardio too. Listen to your body, maybe even try a yoga class!
  1. Set Post Competition Goals—This is so important, maybe do a photo shoot; this is always a great way to stay committed. If not a photo shoot maybe register for a run or a walk with your new fit friends. If you’re looking to break into the fitness industry start devising a plan on how you can be successful!
  2. Keep it Clean and Healthy—One of my favorite things to do post show is look for clean eating recipes that incorporate a variety of food groups. If I am craving pizza or a dessert I’ll research a clean eating version and enjoy it with the whole family. We all know during prep, sitting and eating dinner with your family can be challenging. You have your 5 ounces of fish and veggies and they look at you kind of feeling sorry.  Well, use post show to get the family involved in clean eating too! Something everyone can enjoy and you are “eating together.”

Be patient with yourself and appreciate your transformations in all stages. Acknowledge from the very start that as you diet down for your show you will also diet back up to a healthy balanced physique. There is a time and a place for off season shape and a time and a place for competition shape. Respect and love your body and it will love you back! You will make stronger physical gains and even stronger mental gains. If you are having trouble finding balance post show please reach out to your coach or find one who can help! There is so much support and knowledge out there! You don’t have to feel confused or do it alone!


In health & happiness always





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