As WBFF Figure Pro Shanon Petralito is getting ready to leave for Worlds Las Vegas next week, she shares some of her insights with anyone working toward a better figure. 

Scrolling through our social medai pages looking at our competition, we have all fallen victim to it one time or another as we feverishly scroll and scroll, looking to see who is competing in the same show that we are, the same division as we are. What do they look like? What type of training are they doing? What is their current diet? Do their abs, glutes and legs look as good? Who is their coach? How many followers do they have? Are they sponsored, and if so, how did they do it? Should I ask my coach why I’m not doing two hours of cardio and no carbs? Why are they doing that and I’m not?

STOP! STOP!  STOP! One of the many things I have learned over the years is that it is a waste of time comparing yourself to others, not only in this industry but in life. You are wasting valuable time my friends, time you could be spending on your own training, building your brand and building a better you!

With only days left until I step on stage at the WBFF Pro Figure World Championships 2015, my thoughts are not on what everyone else is doing, but my thoughts are on my progress and making the most of every set, every rep and every last second of every workout.  My thoughts are on my nutrition, on being the best athlete, role model and best coach I can be to my clients for the remainder of this prep and thereafter. I don’t have time to watch what everyone else is doing, that would be time I’ve lost on me, on being my best on that stage, being my best in life. Comparing myself to others is pointless, I am one of a kind and so are you!

I keep hearing many girls and women comparing themselves to what everyone else is doing on social media, and they think they are not doing enough, or they think what they are doing is wrong, or that their coach is guiding them in the wrong direction.

During my first year in the fitness industry I was that girl, scrolling and trolling to see who was doing what. I drove myself insane! So much so that I began questioning my coach and began listening to more than one person. I stressed myself out so darn much, so silly! I would look and see who was competing with me and I would compare my physique to theirs. BIG MISTAKE! Not only was it stressful, it made absolutely no sense to do it, and here’s why:


  1. As I mentioned before time spent watching what others are doing is time wasted on what you could be doing to reach your goals. Do you really think successful people spend time worrying about what everyone else is doing? No, they don’t,  they are focused on their own goals, and they work daily at achieving them!


  1. You have to learn to trust yourself and/or your coach, should you hire one. If you are not happy with your results then change something! Listening to several different people will only set you up to fail. Everyone has an opinion in this industry and half of the opinions have no value.
  2. Do your research, ask questions, and when you do make that decision to work with someone TRUST THEM! If you don’t, simply move on. Often by working with someone knowledgeable and experienced they get to know your body, and the longer you work with them the better you become. You build a solid relationship and you will be successful that way. I trust my coach, I have been with him for years, he is extremely smart and has so much experience that I am confident in just doing what he says, knowing he always has my best interest at heart. It’s so much less stressful to have someone in your corner while prepping! An extra set of eyes and ears when you can’t see your own progress! It’s a shame to see so many competitors never reach their full potential because they think the grass is greener and they continue to change coaches every few months. Bad idea! Find something good and stick with it, work at it and grow.
  3. You are your own person, you have your own goals, your own genetics and your own personality. The gifts and talent you bring to the table will always be a little different than the person next to you, so own who you are and embrace it. Work on self improvement, do not cultivate self doubt!
  4. Comparison often leads to negative thoughts and resentment. How often do you find yourself getting in your own head and conjuring up a story that is so far in the opposite direction of reality? I’ve been guilty of this. In trying to live a healthy positive successful life there is no room for resenting ourselves and those around us. The world is a big enough place for lots of greatness.


Over the years I have learned to focus on me and what I can do daily to become a better person. By focusing on my goals and my progress I have become much happier and much more successful. Would you like to know how?


  • Always strive for better in yourself. Set your goals and recognize your greatness and be proud when you achieve them and then set some more. There is no limit to your success.
  • Appreciate all of the great things around you and in your life. Think about and give gratitude for the things you do have and you will be blessed with more.
  • Remind yourself that no person is perfect. The photos you see and the things you read are not all they seem to be. Simple as that.
  • Become inspired by those you look up to. Instead of comparing yourself to others why not learn from them? What is it you admire? Really dissect this and set a course of action to achieve your goal! Do you want abs like your favorite competitor? Do you want to become a sponsored athlete? Do you want to be a fitness model? Well, go for it! Stop wasting time comparing and spend more time researching what it takes! Once I began doing this things started to fall into place for me.


Bottom line, appreciate where you are and seek to understand and admire, not to judge or be resentful of what you do not yet have. Stay positive, focused on you and what you can be doing to become the best version of you. Don’t sell yourself short my beautiful friends, we all have so much to offer each other and the world!


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