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I’ve always tried my hardest, but was never the best at any sports I tried. I played team sports (soccer, basketball, softball, and track) starting at young age, however, being a star player was ultimately never my destiny.  My tenacious attitude lead me to push as hard as I could and never miss a practice or game, leading me to many “Most Dedicated Player” and other sportsmanship awards.  But even then, I hadn’t learned that being the best was not what always mattered. I also had an inner diva inside me and competed in pageants where I had a long run from ages 10 to 23. I won many top placements and a select few regional titles. Fast forward to my senior year of college and I realized merging fitness and my inner diva was for me. That’s when I found fitness competitions! The year after I graduated college, I competed in my first contest and took third place in Ms. Bikini Atlantic. The journey to that stage was liberating. I began to realize without winning or being the best, I was still satisfied because I had done it and I was learning how to be my best self. I gained strength not only in muscle but in my character. I left an abusive relationship and gained myself back. I challenged myself in ways that made me stronger in all aspects of my life! After a few years of competing, I won my first world title, Miss Bikini America, in 2007. It was then I started to help others by coaching and helping them pose and bring out their inner diva for the stage. This was when I truly realized it was my passion and I needed to think about changing careers. Eventually I did and that led me to putting every ounce of energy into my fit lifestyle. I was leading by example for my clients and teaching them the ropes. Competing or not, they too were seeing amazing results and finding themselves! While coaching and training others over the years I went from competing in only the bikini division to the fitness division, for 5-years.  I then pushed for more muscle and re-shaped my body for The WBFF Fit Model Division. Through the years I’ve been able to re-shape my physique. In high school I was 20-pounds heavier and had less muscle.  Over the past years I’ve focused on lifting heavier and doing less cardio to re-shape my physique even more. The body is a work of art and a temple all wrapped in one. We should treat it with respect daily by eating clean foods to fuel us, knowing when to rest and pushing it to its limits are all needed to try to create the ultimate package. But often we realize we’ll only be satisfied for a short time because you’ll often realize the canvas gets boring, so we push more, create more and mold more. We re-shape from the inside out to be the best we can be! Even now that I’m not competing, the strength and respect I have gained for my body for what it has accomplished and continues to accomplish is so rewarding and that is what I want everyone who works with myself and comes to BA to feel…RESPECT for themselves on all levels! There truly is nothing like building confidence in others and seeing them thrive in their goals in and out of the gym!  Will things come up that can de-rail you? Yes! But strength lies in the struggle. Have I had struggles? Yes. Have I become stronger because of them? Absolutely! From living with Hemochromatosis (iron overload disease), to being laid off from my PR job (this is when I swapped to a full-time career in fitness so it was a blessing in disguise), to knee surgery the day after nationals in 2009, to breaking my foot the night I won my WBFF Pro-Card, to opening my own fitness facility, losing my sister to addiction and now balancing business and being a mother! All of these moments have shaped me and led me to where I am today and I wouldn’t change it for a second! I get to share my passion at Body Ambition and invite you to let us help you achieve your goals here! I have a passion for helping others find their strength from within and have dedicated my life to helping women manifest their mindset and transform from the inside out!